How to update your Facebook page with RSS feeds

I don’t know about you but doing the same thing over and over again sometimes it drives me crazy.

That’s why you should let technology help you automate a lot of your daily task. One task you can automate today is posting to your Facebook fan page.

There are a few different ways you can do this task, but watch the video below to see one way I have used to add articles to Facebook via RSS feed
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8 types of waste you need to eliminate this year

I bet you do not know what waste in your business is.

Here is the thing.

Anything that takes time, resources, space, anything that adds cost without adding real value to the product or services your customer is getting from you.

In order to improve your bottom line, your sales, productivity, and or quality you must identify and eliminate waste in your processes.

The 8 Types of Waste

  1. Defects
  2. Over production
  3. Waiting
  4. Nonstandard over processing
  5. Transportation
  6. Intellect
  7. Motion
  8. Excess inventory

So, where do you start? You start by not saying.

  • “We tried that”
  • “My business is different”
  • “It cost too much”
  • “I do not have time for that”
  • “I don’t like that”
  • “You are right but…”

Eliminate Defects

A defect has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Defects are work that contains an error, rework mistakes, or lack of something necessary. It could be a data entry error, pricing error, missing information, missed specification, lost records.

Stop Overproduction

To produce an item before is required is overproducing. Generating more that needed right now.

For example, more information that the customer needs, more information that the next process needs like creating reports, articles, videos that no one read, making extra copies.

Why Wait?

Whenever the process is not moving, or when people or equipment are not ready, idle time is created, and waste occurs.

For example, waiting for something, faxes, the system to come back up, copy machine, customer response, a file to come back.

Nonstandard Over Processing

Many businesses use expensive and complicated equipment when simple tools and methods are available. This creates no value from the customer viewpoint.

For example, creating reports, repetitive manual entry of data, use of the standard forms, using appropriate software.


Moving between processes is a cost that adds no value to the product or service. Movement of information does not add value.

For example, retrieving and sorting files, carrying documents to and from shared equipment, taking files to another person, going to get signatures.

Any movement is waste.

Improve the Intellect

Human brainpower squandered in a process that does not require intelligent thought. Expediting, chasing paper, etcetera, any failure to fulfill, utilize their time, and times of people also injuries, any failure to meet the time and talent of people.

For example, overlooking expertise within the organization, not soliciting ideas, or not identify requirements that result in rework, lack of coordination, and communication.

Failure to fully use the time talents of people.


This ways is related to ergonomics and seen in all instances of movement, stretching, walking, lifting, and reaching, moving of people that does not add value. For example, searching for files, extra moves or keystrokes, clearing away files on the desk, gathering information, looking through manuals and catalogs, handling paperwork.

Movement of people that does not add value.

Excess Inventory

The stockpile of both in process and finished goods inventory are the direct result of overproduction and waiting, more information project material no hand than needed right now. For example files waiting to be work on, open projects, office supplies, emails waiting to read, unused records in the database.

What you want to do is analyze the data first. Next you want to determine if waste is present in your business.

One way to help you identify waste in any process is to complete a value stream map.

Having more on hand that needed right now.

Every business creates waste at one point or another.
If you help identifying and eliminating one of these 8 types of waste in your process click here to contact me

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