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Make money online using one of these 18 ways

Angel AndersonIf you had an extra $1,000 every month
What would you do with it?

  • Go on vacation?
  • Put more on savings?
  • Get something your wanted to buy?

I’m sure you will put the extra $1,000 to a good use.

By the time you finish reading this post, you will have an idea or two on how to add an extra $1,000 to your monthly income.

Angel how it works?

One question I get ask often is… How can I make money online?
and it’s a good question because.

Having extra income without working a regular 9 to 5 job gives you freedom to do whatever you want with your free time. – Click to Tweet

Let me tell you a quick story.
While active duty in the U.S. Air Force,
I struggled to have enough “free” time to develop “traditional” business ideas.

I was frustrated, I wanted to have extra cash to put in savings, to take my family in vacations, to buy things I wanted to buy, to secure a better future for me and my family once I’m no longer in active duty.

Like a lot of people do, I try a few things, but it wasn’t until I was introduced simple things like teaching others what I know and getting paid for it, only then I started making more money.

Basically I discovered how to make money online anytime I want.

I have ways of making money that you know nothing of. – John D. Rockefeller

18 different ways you can make money online

Once you start online, you will find new ways to make money online that fit your lifestyle. For now here is a list of proven and easy ways to make money online. In no particular order.

  1. Teach others what you know
  2. Sell advertising space in your website
  3. Create and sell your own product
  4. Publish a job listing board
  5. Provide services online
  6. Promote products as an affiliate via email
  7. Earn a commission from product reviews
  8. Sell other companies product in your website for a commission
  9. Create a membership website
  10. Sell paid directory listings
  11. Host group online training
  12. Provide one on one coaching
  13. Sell written tutorials
  14. Sell audio tutorials
  15. Sell video tutorials
  16. Publish a book
  17. Lease websites
  18. Sell websites

While school, the military and other training helped,
the internet is what made a big difference in income and quality family time.

The easiest way to make money online
is to Get Paid to Teach Others What You Know

If you ask me…Angel how can I make money online?
The answer is, you should start teaching others something you know and they don’t.

OK, write in a piece of paper.

What are your personal, work or business frustrations?

What should be easy to-do, but right now is pretty hard?

What natural talents you have?

What you hear others saying when it comes to:

  • How can I do…
  • What is the solutions for
  • I wish X do Y
  • How do I do X

Solving your frustrations

Solving your frustrations is a good way to start making money online because not only you solve your frustrations but also you will solve them for other people willing to pay for the solution.

Here is a list of common frustration people have.

Your list might be different. The point is to make your list and then figure out how to solve it. How you solve your frustration might be different to other solutions and thats OK. People will pay you because your unique perspective and expertise on that particular topic.

You can even take it to the next level, packaging your information inside a secure members only area where your clients can watch your videos, listen to your audios, and or download any information you want them to have.

It should be easy to-do, right?

What should be easy to-do, but right now is pretty hard to-do is another good question to answer. Remember people like to pay for conveniance.

Here is an example,
There was a time when people providing online training via GoToWebinar had to export the registration list, then import that list to an email marketing service like Aweber to send email reminders, then to a text marketing service like Call Loop to send text reminder.

As you can see the process was long, and tedious.

One day after being tired of this tedious process and knowing it had to be a better way to do it. I ask someone to help me automate the process and that how I created WebinarX3.

You don’t have to know how to program to solve a problem, you need to identify the problem and layout out your ideal process. Then and only then it will become a reality.

Sell advertising space in your website

Selling advertising space in your website can be very profitable if your website expose the advertisers to the right people.

There are a few ways you can make money with advertising space

  1. Use affiliate programs and advertise products or services that help your audience
  2. Sell monthly advertising spots in your website sidebar, header and after blog post
  3. Get paid for creating the banners that will go in your website when not provided

It’s pretty much a gurantee income with little effort. It all depends on your website traffic and industry. You can see a few banners in the right sidebar of this website, and in caborojo.com

Your own product out of thin air

Creating and selling your own product is believe to be one of the most satisfying experiences any entrepreneur have. It’s like making money out of thin air.

Because you package your solutions to a specific problem into a video, audio, PDF or a combinations of them. The beauty about selling your digital product is that you do the work once and you can sell it an unlimited amount of times because it’s all digital. Not shipping cost, not handling, it’s all automated!.

Here is an example, after I published my first book Mas Tiempo people started to ask me “How I can publish a book?.” That’s when the Amazon Kindle Rockstar video training ahas created.

Make money online with job listings

I’m sure you can agree that there will be people looking for work all the time.

So why not provide a place where people looking to hire someone will post a job on your boards so your readers can apply for the job.

This is a great way of adding a steady extra income without you having to do anything unless you can’t send them anyone to apply for the jobs.

Provide services online

Providing services online is an excellent way to create passive income unless you are doing the service yourself and if that is the only drawback here. When you trade time for money.

But if you are the expert and you are the one providing the service. Then the recommendation is to start doing the service yourself, then create checklist, and training videos so you can start bringing others to help you do the service and eventually replace you completely. Then and only then it will be true passive income. It’s Ok to put all the work upfront and reap the benefits later.

Think about your phone service, your insurance, your TV service. They all have one thing in common. They sold you the service once and you pay them every month.

The challenge for you will be to come up with some type of monthly service you can provide. In the mean time read this great post about things you can do from home. – Click here

Promote as an affiliate products via email

Getting paid by simply telling other people about a product via email it can sound strange for those who are not familiar with affiliate marketing.

But is true, it can be as simple as:

  1. Signup to the companies affiliate program
  2. Let’s say you like a book, or any other product Amazon sells. You simply go to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com and after you signup you will have your unique link.

  3. Now use your unique link when sending an email
  4. After you find the product you want to share with others. Its recommended that you create a blog post or a video telling them why you recommend that product. But if you just want to send an email, you can. Here is where you see a lot of book reviews, and recommendations. Amazon can pay you up to 10% but there are companies that pay up to 100% of the customer initial purchase.

  5. Rinse and repeat

If you are serious about this strategy, it’s best if you don’t send one email each time but to use a service like Aweber to notify everyone in your notification list at once.

Earn a commission from product reviews

Similar to what you will do when sending emails, but this time instead of “selling” via email. This strategy is only about placing product reviews via your website, YouTube, other peoples websites, social media etc.

This is a great income opportunity if the product you are reviewing are expensive and or hot items. You can review anything from software, to bikes, cars, hotels, holidays, food, anything you could think of.

Start by reviewing product or services you have bought or used.

Sell other companies product for a commission

Here you should be careful not to be driven by money only because you can lose credibility really quick.

It’s recommended to only sell product form other companies if you have used them. Combine this with email, writing a blog post, placing an ad in your website or even in your social media profiles.

A steady income is not guarantee but it works, specially when you offer quality products.

Create a membership website

Members paid to access premium content in a special members area. Continuity income come month after month and can be a huge earner.

There are a few membership site models you can copy.

  • The Publisher model – where you provide ongoing content on the regular basis, just like an online magazine
  • The UPS model – is where you provide a package of content to your members each and every month.
  • Micro Continuity model – is a fixed term membership. Click here to watch a free video on how to create a micro membership website using wish list member
  • Modular model – is where you can deliver training and move members from one month to another month manually or automatically
  • Protected area model – is where you have a protected area to deliver your digital products downloads.
  • The Project management model – is where a team interacts, and share content and communications on projects
  • The Community center model – a central communication where all the members have a central and protected area to talk and sure content between them.
  • The Private members area – just like the name saids, a private area for members only
  • The Coaching site model – if you provide coaching to one or more people this is a good model to use

And of course you can combine membership site models into one website.

Sell paid directory listings

Selling paid directory listings is where you instead of making money from banners, you can make money from each listing in your website. Sometimes and depending on your model it can even be a monthly fee.

Think about it, if you charge $5 per month and you have 200 people posting listings in your website every month. Thats $1,000 extra per month and all of it can be automated.

Host group online training

Group training is very profitable.
You can do online training using Skype, GoToWebinar and many other tools.
The training don’t even have to be yours, you can be the host and interview an expert.
The point if that every person attending gets value.

Provide one on one coaching

Just like group training, but here you are providing one on one training.
Think of it like providing consulting services. It can be done all online or on the phone and there plenty free tools to help you provide one on one training. You should take it up a notch and record all your training sessions and store them on a membership website. Then you can sell the videos, audios and other digital products and make money again from them. Of course only do this if your client allows you to re-use them as a case study.

Sell written tutorials

People search for “How-To’s” all the time.
If you provide a written PDF with an easy to follow tutorial. People will buy it.

You don’t even need Microsoft word to start writing because you can find free services like Google Docs and Open office with similar or even better Microsoft word features. And they all save to PDF.

After you are done, you can automate the payment and delivery using PayPal. This is a great way to build a solid income, a business and authority.

Sell audio tutorials

A lot of people take for granted this income opportunity.
Here it can be as simple as recording your self with your iPhone, uploading the recording to your website and automating the payment and delivery with your favorite payment processor.

As a matter of fact, do this today.
Solve someone problem with an audio tutorial and get paid for it.

Sell video tutorials

When you talk about video tutorials, people think you have to be in front of the camera and that is not true. You can create video tutorials by simple recording a PowerPoint presentation or a screen capture in your computer.

Publish a book

Lots of people want to write a book mainly for the prestige and the authority it brings and if your content is good the books sales can be amazing.

There are many ways to go about publishing your book, most people choose the self publish route.

Lease websites

If someone ask you would you want to have multiple houses or business with rent income. You probably will say, YES.

Leasing or renting website is no different, except you don’t have to apply for a loan, or deal with bad renters. It’s definitely a good income maker.

Sell websites

If you don’t want to lease your website, you can always sell them.

This is very easy to do and one that pays a lot. Selling website can help you create a very nice retirement fund. The only drawback is that you no longer can profit from that website.

How do you feel about implementing one of this strategies and add extra income?
Let me help you…Simply click here and answer some questions in the next page.

What’s wrong with this marketing picture

wrong marketingWould you like to get better results tom your marketing? I’m sure you would.

You see most business owners rely on marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and email to make more sales.

Here is where most businesses drop the ball.

Instead of helping the customer to choose you over your competitions, you are just telling them “click here and buy.” It’s like telling someone you just met, “Hi my name is Angel, lets got to bed.” It’s not going to work, they are not going to buy from you.

2 reasons why they don’t buy from you

  1. They don’t want it.
  2. Sometimes there’s not a lot you can do about that. If they don’t want it, they don’t want it.

  3. They don’t trust you
  4. You can do a lot about this.

I know it’s hard to turn off the “business owner” hat. I know because I’ve been there and if you read my blog you will see a few post about marketing.

The Marketing Challenge

One challenge most business owners face today is information overload.
There is so much information in the internet but no one is sitting with you to help you create “the step by step marketing plan.”

If you have no one helping you right now here is what you can do.

  1. Sign up for an email marketing service like Aweber.
  2. Once inside you account, you want to create 1 welcome email for those who sign up to your email marketing list, at least 4 follow-up messages to be sent automatically at specific dates after your new customer have enter your email marketing list. Then you want to copy and paste the email signup form provided to you by Aweber in your website, last you want to ask your current clients, friends and partners to signup to your list.

  3. Picture one client that needs your help and publish something helping him or her.
  4. Get writing ideas in my 7 day writing challenge.

Start with email because is cheap and effective but you can integrate text marketing as well. But whatever marketing strategy you end up implementing, do your best to automate all if not the majority of the process. The ideas to to free yourself from task that can be automated with tools, some of them free.

You should always do the following

  • Collect email address in your website
  • Implement a results driven follow-up sequence
  • Add voice and text messaging to you marketing
  • Create a landing page for each of your product and services with traceable links and phone numbers or codes
  • Give them a reason to act now
  • Ask more questions to know your customers better

I promise you, if you do all the above your sales will soar, and if you automate your process you will have more free time to do whatever you want.

7 day creative writing challenge for website owners

challengeWould you want to…

  • Make more sales?
  • Help more people?
  • Grow your marketing list?

I’m sure you want one if not of all of them.

Here is the thing, to have all that you just need to publish more content in your website. Content that helps your ideal client.

How to get started

It would be great if just could get everything you want by just writing a bunch of words and call it done but content marketing don’t work like that.

When you create content for your ideal client, think what matters the most, what will help that person the most. The trick is to picture in your mind that one person you are helping, and write like you are talking to that person instead of writing for everybody.

I believe if you create the habit of writing every day for at least 20 minutes you can help more people, increase your sales, add more people to your marketing list and improve your brand authority.

Here is your invitation to participate in a 7 day creative writing challenge.

7 day creative writing challenge rules

For the next 7 days you want to write and publish in your website something for your ideal client using the following format.

Day 1 - Write something useful for your ideal client.
The first thing that comes to mind is to write and publish the answer to questions clients make.

Day 2 – Write something that makes the person reading it smarter.
What can you teach others that you have learned?

Day 3 – Write something that taps into a fear people have.
Think what are they afraid of, what keeps them up at night?

Day 4 – Write something you are passionate about.
This one should be really easy for you, but when writing think… how your passion will help your ideal client.

Day 5 – Write something that solves one problem.
What is one problem you can solve right now? And can you solve it with one solution?

Day 6 – Write something that saves people time or money
This one should be a hit; people in general don’t like to waste their time or money.

Day 7 – Write something that can be use as a resource
Here think on how you can publish information, links, books, etc…around one specific topic.

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Eliminate these types of waste to improve your business productivity, quality, and customer service

Warning: Experience does not come from reading this post, learning occurs by doing.

Eliminate waste

Waste is anything that takes time, resources, or space, but does not add to the value of the product or service delivered to the customer.

If you want to improve your business productivity, quality, and customer service it is essential to learn and eliminate waste.

Here are 8 types of waste.

  1. Defects
  2. Anything that produces errors, mistakes, or lacks something necessary.

  3. Overproduction
  4. Generation more than the customer needs right now, creating reports that none reads, making extra copies of…

  5. Waiting
  6. Idle time airing for information, or equipment.

  7. No standardization
  8. Efforts that create no value from the customers viewpoint.

  9. Transportation
  10. Any type of movement is waste.

  11. Intellect
  12. Failure to fully use the time talents of people.

  13. Motion
  14. Movement of people that does not add value.

  15. Excess inventory
  16. Having more on hand that is needed right now.

Every business create waste at one point or another.
If you help identifying and eliminating one of these 8 types of waste in your process click here to contact me