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What’s wrong with this marketing picture

wrong marketingWould you like to get better results tom your marketing? I’m sure you would.

You see most business owners rely on marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and email to make more sales.

Here is where most businesses drop the ball.

Instead of helping the customer to choose you over your competitions, you are just telling them “click here and buy.” It’s like telling someone you just met, “Hi my name is Angel, lets got to bed.” It’s not going to work, they are not going to buy from you.

2 reasons why they don’t buy from you

  1. They don’t want it.
  2. Sometimes there’s not a lot you can do about that. If they don’t want it, they don’t want it.

  3. They don’t trust you
  4. You can do a lot about this.

I know it’s hard to turn off the “business owner” hat. I know because I’ve been there and if you read my blog you will see a few post about marketing.

The Marketing Challenge

One challenge most business owners face today is information overload.
There is so much information in the internet but no one is sitting with you to help you create “the step by step marketing plan.”

If you have no one helping you right now here is what you can do.

  1. Sign up for an email marketing service like Aweber.
  2. Once inside you account, you want to create 1 welcome email for those who sign up to your email marketing list, at least 4 follow-up messages to be sent automatically at specific dates after your new customer have enter your email marketing list. Then you want to copy and paste the email signup form provided to you by Aweber in your website, last you want to ask your current clients, friends and partners to signup to your list.

  3. Picture one client that needs your help and publish something helping him or her.
  4. Get writing ideas in my 7 day writing challenge.

Start with email because is cheap and effective but you can integrate text marketing as well. But whatever marketing strategy you end up implementing, do your best to automate all if not the majority of the process. The ideas to to free yourself from task that can be automated with tools, some of them free.

You should always do the following

  • Collect email address in your website
  • Implement a results driven follow-up sequence
  • Add voice and text messaging to you marketing
  • Create a landing page for each of your product and services with traceable links and phone numbers or codes
  • Give them a reason to act now
  • Ask more questions to know your customers better

I promise you, if you do all the above your sales will soar, and if you automate your process you will have more free time to do whatever you want.

7 day creative writing challenge for website owners

challengeWould you want to…

  • Make more sales?
  • Help more people?
  • Grow your marketing list?

I’m sure you want one if not of all of them.

Here is the thing, to have all that you just need to publish more content in your website. Content that helps your ideal client.

How to get started

It would be great if just could get everything you want by just writing a bunch of words and call it done but content marketing don’t work like that.

When you create content for your ideal client, think what matters the most, what will help that person the most. The trick is to picture in your mind that one person you are helping, and write like you are talking to that person instead of writing for everybody.

I believe if you create the habit of writing every day for at least 20 minutes you can help more people, increase your sales, add more people to your marketing list and improve your brand authority.

Here is your invitation to participate in a 7 day creative writing challenge.

7 day creative writing challenge rules

For the next 7 days you want to write and publish in your website something for your ideal client using the following format.

Day 1 - Write something useful for your ideal client.
The first thing that comes to mind is to write and publish the answer to questions clients make.

Day 2 – Write something that makes the person reading it smarter.
What can you teach others that you have learned?

Day 3 – Write something that taps into a fear people have.
Think what are they afraid of, what keeps them up at night?

Day 4 – Write something you are passionate about.
This one should be really easy for you, but when writing think… how your passion will help your ideal client.

Day 5 – Write something that solves one problem.
What is one problem you can solve right now? And can you solve it with one solution?

Day 6 – Write something that saves people time or money
This one should be a hit; people in general don’t like to waste their time or money.

Day 7 – Write something that can be use as a resource
Here think on how you can publish information, links, books, etc…around one specific topic.

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Eliminate these types of waste to improve your business productivity, quality, and customer service

Warning: Experience does not come from reading this post, learning occurs by doing.

Eliminate waste

Waste is anything that takes time, resources, or space, but does not add to the value of the product or service delivered to the customer.

If you want to improve your business productivity, quality, and customer service it is essential to learn and eliminate waste.

Here are 8 types of waste.

  1. Defects
  2. Anything that produces errors, mistakes, or lacks something necessary.

  3. Overproduction
  4. Generation more than the customer needs right now, creating reports that none reads, making extra copies of…

  5. Waiting
  6. Idle time airing for information, or equipment.

  7. No standardization
  8. Efforts that create no value from the customers viewpoint.

  9. Transportation
  10. Any type of movement is waste.

  11. Intellect
  12. Failure to fully use the time talents of people.

  13. Motion
  14. Movement of people that does not add value.

  15. Excess inventory
  16. Having more on hand that is needed right now.

Every business create waste at one point or another.
If you help identifying and eliminating one of these 8 types of waste in your process click here to contact me

What is Lean and How will help you improve your business sales and efficiency

what-is-leanWhat is lean? Well…lean started with big business,
specifically production systems used by Toyota Motor Corporation.

Lean works because:

  1. Specify what creates value from the customer’s perspective
  2. Identify all the steps along the process chain
  3. Make all the process “flow”
  4. Produce only what is “pulled” by the customer
  5. Strive for perfection by continually removing waste

Lean intention is to deliver value to customers while promoting efficiency and eliminating waste in the process.

When you don’t know

Sometimes you might not even know what to improve.
Feedback can come from customers input, waste, or simply a process you do everyday and you want to know how to improve it.

For startups, lean can be scary because that means your need truly produce a minimal product. In some cases, the product don’t even exist, and you just have to watch buyers intention by sending a ton of traffic to your website.


The fact is… lean methodology works well.

Going back to startups, the only way to know what people will buy is for them to actually buy it.
Learn from other failures in the past, don’t make the same mistakes. Stop sinking your limited resources into something that won’t sell.

Instead, start building an audience and in the process you can find how scalable your business model is so you can become a “real” company. Giving your audience valuable free content will give you loads of useful insight into their problems and desires.

Lean any business following these simple steps

Start by creating a Value Stream Mapping to define your current state, the ideal state, and your achievable future state.

Step # 1 – Describe your current situation

A simple diagram of every step involved in the process you want to “lean” from the end to the beginning. That’s right, start with the last step.
Doing this will help you get a better picture of how you flow is.

The goal is to identify all areas in which the flow is not smooth from process to process without interruption.

  • The flow of Materials.
  • The flow of Information.
  • The flow of the product through the processes.


  1. Draw the map while walking the flow.
  2. Walk the entire door-to-door process.
  3. Gather new information. Do not rely on old data.

Step # 2 – Describe your ideal state

Now that you have a clear map of how yore process is, what is your ideal state without any restraints or constraints.

Later in your future state you will have opportunities for improvement identified in your current situation.

Identify the 8 types waste in current processes

The purpose of the value stream mapping is to identify and reduce waste in current processes.
If you have idle time, inventory, no continuous flow, you have waste.

Read more about the 8 types of waste in business