How to improve your problem-solving skills

Do you have time to solve the same problem, over and over again?

Because if you do not you must learn how to solve your problems correctly. Also, if you do not have time to learn or to solve your problems but still want them resolved you need to share this process with your employees, team or organization.

Did you know that many problems do not require you to be a trained lean or six sigma practitioner to solve them efficiently?

Many problems can be solved just by following a simple, standardized process known as the 8 problems solving steps.

When you finish reading this post, you will have the basic skills to use the 8 problems solving steps to make things better for your business, organization, and your life.

Problem solving skills

After learning the 8 problems solving steps in the Air Force, I quickly notice 2 things.

  1. This method can be used to improving sales, productivity, goal setting, policymaking, pretty much any situation you might have.
  2. No one is teaching this structured process to entrepreneurs and small business owners, and that is what I want to do here.

So where do you start?

The very first step is to make sure you identify “The Problem” and not “A Problem.”

Why? Simple, you will have an Infinite number of problems but a limited amount of resources and putting your energy into the right problem will save you a lot of time, money and headaches.

So focus on maximize your resources by focusing on the “critical few.”

Once you have identified “The Problem” and before you start working on it, you want to ask yourself.

  • Solving this problem will help me achieve my goals or the goals of my business or organization?
  • Solving this problem will address the voice of the customer?

And if solving the problem does not help you achieve your goals or the goals of your organization or business, why would you want to invest money, time and energy on it?

Only work on those problems that by solving them will improve your current situation. Only invest time, and money into solving those problems that will get you closer to your goals.

Let me help you

To help out in the next update, I will go into detail on the first of the eight steps. If you want to to improve your problem-solving skills just enter your email in the form below to get free updates.

Quick announcement and a favor

I am very close to finishing a long waited training manual. I will be releasing it in the next 30 days. However, before we do, I have to ask you a couple of questions. Can you help me out?

You can agree with me that each and every person will face the same problem differently. Also, you will agree that we all have an infinite number of problems and a limited amount of resources.

Luckily for you and me there is a process people can learn to increase the effectiveness of their problem-solving skills.

Better problem-solving skills can be applied to goal setting, policymaking, daily decision-making just as must as business, organizational, and engineering problem-solving.

You can answer the questions here (and get a little more detail on the problem-solving manual) at this link:

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See what hiring a webmaster can do for you

Your website is not going to take care of itself, and you are busy. You do not have time to do all the things your site needs to give you the return you and your business wants from it.

We are talking about:

  • Security monitoring
  • Database and file backups
  • Following Google guidelines
  • Gather and help you interpret analytics
  • Publish video, audio, and text updates
  • Create, deploy and manage surveys
  • Place forms in a web page
  • Create and manage email accounts
  • Create landing pages

The list goes on and on.

If you get a webmaster to help you with all of these tasks, you can concentrate more on your business. If you are not convinced you need a webmaster in your team, you will change your mind the first time your website crashes, and you are left high and dry.

A 100% Operational Website

Competition is aggressive as people with similar products and services compete for the same customers attention.

If your website is slow, not secure, with many distractions, potential customers will leave right away and visit another site.

Pay attention to your site bounce rate to see how many people leave right away. Lower your page bounce rate and potentially increase your sales.

Save Time, Energy, and Lots of Money

When your website it down, everything stops.

Many website owners spend hours and sometimes days trying to get their websites to function properly. Often small business owners are not properly trained, and this only causes further problems and delays.

They may research the problem for hours, ask people via forums and social media only to end up frustrated. Having a webmaster relieves you of this unnecessary pressure.

When an issue arises, simply reach out to get help. This is priceless when you consider you can lose more than just money when your website is down. You can lose your reputation as well.

Your time and energy need to be on business development rather than guesswork about your website.

Attracting Targeted Visitors

A scattered and unfocused online marketing strategy is a recipe for failure. Unfortunately, some people believe that any traffic coming to your website is good. However, is not.

Attracting the wrong people to your website can only lead to inflated numbers with no results. Because the visitor will come see that you do not offer what they want and leaves. This is a waste of time for you and them.

The key to draw visitors that are looking for what your business offers is to publish information regularly on your website. But not any information, you must publish information they want to read or hear.

Some people think they know what people are looking for until they see the results of surveys. However, most of the time is because of lack of sales.

A webmaster with search engine optimization knowledge can help you choose keywords and develop content to attract people who want what you have.

Your website is not going to take care of itself if you want better results from your website you need to put more time into it or hire a webmaster today, and I can help you.

Let initiate a conversation via phone, email, Facebook, Twitter or simply send your message via the contact page.

How I add rss feed updates to Facebook automatically

I don’t know about you but doing the same thing over and over again sometimes it drives me crazy.

That’s why you should let technology help you automate a lot of your daily task. One task you can automate today is posting to your Facebook fan page.

There are a few different ways you can do this task, but watch the video below to see one way I have used to add articles to Facebook via RSS feed
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